Götgatan 5, 116 46 Stockholm
måndag-onsdag: 16-23
torsdag: 12-23
fredag-lördag: 12-01
söndag: 12-22
Pilsner Urquell
Plzeňský Prazdroj Czech 4.4% Pilsner
Pilsner Urquell Nefiltrovaný
Plzeňský Prazdroj Czech 4.4% Czech Pilsner
Stigbergets Bryggeri
Stigbergets SWE 4.8% Pilsner
Puur Weizen
Koninklijke Grolsch NED 5.1% Wheat Beer
Moon Tower
Stigbergets SWE 5.5% Pale Ale /gluten free/
Stigbergets Bryggeri
Stigbergets Bryggeri SWE 5.2% Pale Ale
Stigbergets Bryggeri
Stigbergets SWE 6.5% NEIPA
O/O Brewing SWE 7.0% American IPA
Silver Linings Cold IPA
Stigbergets Bryggeri SWE 6.5% IPA
Forget Me Not
Stigbergets SWE + Yakima Chief Hops 6.5% NE HAZY IPA
Pacific Northwest Coast
Stigbergets SWE 7.2% NE HAZY IPA
Batch 100
Ten Hands Brewing SWE 7.0% NE HAZY IPA
Mariatorgets Mikrobryggeri SWE 8.0% NE HAZY DIPA
Discovery One
Track UK + Equilibrium USA 8.0% NE HAZY DIPA
Sugar Ape
Stigbergets Bryggeri SWE 10.0% NE TIPA
Stone RuinTen Triple IPA
Stone Brewing USA 10.8% TIPA 50/50 Centennial and Citra. Old school
How To Tear Down This
Wall (Raspberry)
This Is How SWE 4.5% Fruited Berliner Weisse
Kwas Psi
PINTA POL 4.0% Peach, Lime, Calamamsi and Vanilla
Imperial Apricot,
Mandarin & Lemon Sour
The Garden Brewery CRO 6.4% Fruited Sour
Saison Dupont Cuvée Dry
Hopping Styrian Wolf
Brasserie Dupont 6.5% Farmhouse Ale / Saison
Double Dragon Milk
Varvar Brew UKRAINE 8.3% Stout
American Porter
Stigbergets SWE 8.0% Porter
Stigbergets SWE 12.5% Stout
Doomsday Clock
Prizm Brewing Co. FRA 12.0% Imperial Stout coconuts
Noa Pecan Mud Cake Stout
Omnipollo SWE 11.0% Stout
Non & Low-Alcoholic
Free Gelato: Pina Colada
Funky Fluid 0.5% Non-Alcoholic Beer
Tannenzäpfle Alkoholfrei
Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus 0.5% Non-Alcoholic Beer
Wine 15cl
La Paradou
Rosé - 100% Cinsault - Rhône - 2020
Charles Smith Pop Up!
Sparkling - 100% Chardonnay - Columbia Valley WA - 2019
La Paradou
Red - 100% Grenache - Rhône - 2020
Charles Smith
Red - 100% Cabernet Sauvignon - Columbia Valley WA - 2019
Tomasetti Vino Rosso
Red - Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Cab Sauvignon, Merlot - ITA - NV